Hi there!

We’re Starfish and Bambi of Vegan Bae. We started this blog to keep a log of vegan recipes we come up with, and to share them with you! We also hope to share photos of our travels together and the yummy vegan eats along the way.

We’re both university students trying to eat healthy and delicious food on a budget, so we aim to make our recipes inexpensive and gadget free (ain’t nobody own a $500 juicer).


Now to the real question, why “Vegan Bae”?

Well, we firmly believe that romantic bae’s are great and lovely and wonderful,


Every vegan needs to get themselves a Vegan Bae!

What is that? Well its a fellow vegan soulmate with whom you can share your love of plants of course! Your vegan bae will always support your persistent veggie habit and discover vegan eats with you.

We’ve been eachother’s vegan bae’s for a couple of years, and now, we’re here to be yours!

Welcome to the family.