Rant on vegan e-books


*just to preface this rant, nothing against Loni Jane or any other vegan instagrammer with an e-book. I genuinely love her account and what she does but this is just a rant about e-books*

Whenever an instagrammer I like announces a new e-book, “link in the description” style, I cringe a little. It gives off the vibe that you have something to sell-which you do! Your e-book. Full of recipes, health tips, and other things you would want less experienced vegans and people considering veganism to know! …but you’re making them pay money for that information. Or also like they’ll post a photo of some delicious food and tease the recipe in the e-book!

So anyways… I understand that social media can become a business and yes, you deserve compensation for your hard work. And yes, these instagrammers put LOTS of blood, sweat, and tears into their e-books and they are full of high quality photos. So there is definitely a place for them. MUCH better reading to have around instead of say a regular old magazine subscription that has to recycle the same old ideas every month.

HOWEVER, if the goal of your social media account is to spread the word of veganism and ENCOURAGE people to go vegan, having this barrier between them and accessing these teased “delicious, easy recipes inside!” is creating an environment of business. And to me, that almost cheapens your vegan message. It’s like those as seen on TV diet books, or buying workout plans. Why does this message come with a price tag?

There are also so many other ways to monetize your hard work on social media-ads on your blog, youtube views revenue, paid Instagram posts. And yes, I realize a lot of these e-book pushers do make a majority of their income from their e-books, which is lovely if people are willing to spend the money to support them. I would love to buy them just for the photography aspect! (but I’m too broke to even afford a tablet to read them on all sleek, laptop scrolling cheapens the magazine effect haha).

So yes, this rant comes from a very biased, uninformed point of view. I personally do not make my living on social media so I don’t know what it takes. I’m just saying that if the difference between someone actually trying meatless Monday or is trying to find some fun recipes to spice up their vegan meal rotation so they can STAY vegan and the barrier to them finding delicious recipes with appetizing photos (cause yes, we eat with our eyes!) is MONEY, then what do you think they’re going to do? Ain’t nobody got an extra $20 to shell out for the one interesting recipe someone teased on their Instagram.

Anyways, this is why I decided to start a recipe blog. I want people to have accessibility to recipes in their niche-instagram fruit babe, youtube vegan bodybuilder, student budget busy student blogger (haha can I be all three? :P)

So in closing, I just want to put those thoughts out into the vegan community. More sharing out of the goodness of your heart, less consumerism. Social media is free, let’s keep the message of veganism free too ❤





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