Documentary movie night

So while watching Sarah Lemkus from New Zealand, she mentioned a trio of documentaries to watch to learn about different aspects of veganism.

Cowspiracy-for the environmental aspect


Forks Over Knives-nutrition aspect


Earthings-ethical aspect


Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix? The star of “Her”? (Still need to watch that movie, heard it’s great and thought-provoking).

I have actually seen the first two, and read the China study, but I haven’t seen Earthings. (Mostly because I was already an ethical vegan at age 14 from watching Peta videos my vegetarian friend sent me). I also remember stealing my mom’s iphone back in the day to watch youtube videos until late at night and learning about veganism from a channel called psychetruth. I wonder if they’re still around. By back in the day, I mean 2009. Whoooooa, like eight years ago. And then I kept learning how to cook, and finally went officially vegan during the summer of 2010.

My good friend A. from university who has been interested in veganism, so we figured well this is a good time for her to learn more and for me to learn more as well! We plan to have Friday documentary nights (lol as turnt as we get, although we did go to a yoga rave last week!). We’ll cook a delicious vegan meal, and sit down to watch a documentary. I think I’ll post this now, then let you know how it went in three weeks time!


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