First blog post!

Well… uh, welcome to vegan bae! Starfish here. As we’ll try to explain in our about page, Bambi and I had the idea a few months ago to start a vegan recipe blog! We also would  love to post little articles on other aspects of veganism, like health, eating in social settings, dating, even female health stuff 😉 Just anything we think would be useful for someone else and something we would have wanted to read when we were first going vegan.

I had always toyed around with the idea of starting a recipe blog because I loved the look and idea behind sallysbakingaddiction.com (shout out to Sally for inspiring a new bigger on the inter webs!) Then when I started to amass more of my favourite vegan recipes (recipes of my own!) from personal trial and error, I started to amass a lot of notes of recipes on my phone.

Another one of a the MAJOR factors towards this decision was the future generation. As cheesy (vegan cheese 😉 as that sounds, I was incredibly inspired by my campers this summer as a camp counsellor. Coincidentally, Bambi and I actually met as camp counsellors in 2015 at a YMCA camp in BC. Unfortunately that camp shut down, so for 2016 we worked at separate camps. But, we still managed to go to Tofino to surf in between school and camp (Bambi’s first time!). Thus, that’s why we are named Bambi and Starfish, our nature names. Aaaaaanyways, so during summer 2016, I actually counselled my older campers to date, the eighth graders (oooooh, scary!). I usually tend to counsel the younger groups, since I have the maturity of a five year old anyways, but also cause small, young females make for non-threatening role models. (I counselled kindergarteners with a guy who was 6’7 with a booming voice, let’s just say they thought one of us was less scary).

So, my 8th grade campers, a huge gaggle of girls, were so awesome and peer like, but obviously being a young girl entering high school and going through puberty, you have a lot of questions about life! Especially since veganism is becoming more and more mainstream, they thought it was so cool that I was vegan! I went vegan exactly around that age too actually, the summer of 8th grade (oh, it was a time of transition hehe). They also had so many questions about other aspects of life and of, pertaining to being a girl, so we had an anonymous question in a jar night. They had so many questions and loved having us answer them that we stayed up into the wee hours of the night! So possibly, alongside vegan bae recipe blog, we could get a tumblr account where people can ask anonymous questions. Guys and gals alike! That being said, I would love to touch on some lady topics, like menstrual cups and IUDs that no one ever told me in sex ed. More on that later, I’m going on a tangent.

So Bambi and I were talking during the fall, about how we kind of want to do a passion project together, that combines our love of food, cooking, travel, counselling and being a role model/person to ask ANY question to. (Please don’t think we’re role models, we’re still trying to figure out this whole life thing 😉

So for now, a recipe blog with one recipe a week from each of us seems like an attainable goal. But who knows?! Maybe in the future we could have a tumblr for questions, a youtube for travel videos, a instagram for foodie pics…. The options are endless. Ok I need to stop rambling, Starfish out.


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